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  • High Speed Coater
    High Speed Coater

    High speed coater use: The high-speed coating machine introduces foreign advanced coating machine technology and combines its own experience in producing coating machine for many years. It is widely used in the production of release film p

  • Hot Melt Coating Machine
    Hot Melt Coating Machine

    Hot Melt Coating Machine Range of Application: Hot melt coating machine is for coating hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive on substrate, and laminate with another material(it mainly depends on customers' requirement). Hot melt coating mac

  • Coating Machine
    Coating Machine

    Coating Machine Description: Usage: Extruding flow membrane& cartoons(brown packing paper, paper for cup, good qualitypaper), clothing metal foil, plastic bags as well as other synthetic material. Main Features of Coating Machine:

  • High-speed Coating Machine
    High-speed Coating Machine

    High-speed Coating Machine Introduction: This high-speed coating machine can dissolve, disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. Through the very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc, the strong shearing, crashing and

    LTF-M Series High-Speed Coating Machine

    Main Structure Character of High-Speed Coating Machine: Unwind: Cantilever turret whirling stand with double arm & double station, web material rolled with air shaft with safely chuck. Automatic web roll exchange with cutting blade, eq


High-speed Coating Machine Description:
The high-speed coating machine can produce BOPP, kraft paper, masking tape, color printing tape (can print three kinds of different color effect at the same time), double-sided adhesive tape, trademark paper, foam in addition to the conventional adhesive tape, etc …
This high-speed coating machine is our research and development of imported frequency conversion technology PLC touch screen, digital automatic high-speed, high-precision tape machine.
High-speed Coating Machine Advantages:
High-speed precision, the output increased 1 – 3 times, a multi-purpose high-speed coating machine can be directly coated with semi-finished products or semi-finished parent volume, can also be directly purchased semi-finished mother roll cut finished products, including Slitter function.
1. The gluing system of high-speed coating machine: High-speed coating machine using micrometer U table, dual-pressure axis positioning, uniform coating, precision.
2. Drying heating system of high-speed coating machine: the introduction of foreign technology, the use of electric heating, steam heating (heating method due to self-appropriate), part of the independent research and development, multi-wing strong convection fan, upper and lower double heating, heat wind effect on raw material film, Heating, heating performance and stability, do not hurt the raw material BOPP film, heating up fast, energy saving and many other advantages, produced by the tape high gloss, viscosity, good texture.
3. Head cutting, winding system: PLC microcomputer touch screen for centralized control, to achieve high-speed high-precision operations, four-axis interchangeable, cannot stop automatic roll change, continuous winding, cutting the finished product.
4. The high-speed coating machine operation is simple and convenient, elegant appearance. The overall performance of the high-speed coating equipment represents the highest standards of the domestic and foreign small and medium-sized tape machine equipment.
5. With electronic temperature control, automatic counting, automatic correction, gravure printing, advanced infrared heating, cooling, re-pressure and other high-tech. Set the discharge, printing, coating, drying, hot air circulation, traction, slitting, rolling and other production processes to complete a machine.

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