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【Acceptance and delivery】The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring

Spring blossoms, accompanied by a gradually warming breeze, Lida Machinery is in full swing.

In recent days, in order to ensure that the customer’s equipment is delivered as soon as possible, Lida Mechanical Technology Department, in close collaboration with the Production Department and aftersales Management Department, has been producing, inspecting, debugging, loading, and shipping according to standard procedures. Large trucks filled with equipment have been shipped on schedule.

LGF 300 dry laminating machine

This LGF 300 dry laminating machine is about to be delivered to one of our customers.

Customer on-site acceptance

Recently, the relevant leaders and technical personnel of the customer company have inspected and accepted the LGF 300 dry laminating machine produced by our company.
During the acceptance process, the customer conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection on the manufacturing process, structural functions, operational performance, technical parameters, appearance quality, and electronic control system of our machine. The project leader of our company actively cooperated, conducted prototype functional tests and demonstrations on site, and answered user concerns one by one. Finally, the equipment was highly praised and praised by the customer.

Machine highlights

Considering the differences in the technical requirements of equipment caused by the differences in products from different customers, we generally choose to achieve customer technical requirements through different configuration combinations. Taking this LGF 300 dry Laminating machine accepted by the customer as an example, let’s take a look at the highlights of this machine:

Highlight 1

Disc rewinding and unwinding+shaftless

Compared to traditional models, this model adopts a disc type winding and unwinding system, and upgrades the maximum winding diameter of the winding and unwinding system according to the actual use needs of customers (up to φ 1000mm) and maximum load capacity (1 ton), greatly improving the stability of the equipment during high-speed operation. By using a shaftless air top device, workers can load and unload coiled materials more quickly and easily, which not only effectively improves labor production efficiency, but also perfectly matches the requirements of future “intelligent factories” for intelligent equipment.

Highlight 2
Distributed control+DC bus feeding technology

1. The whole machine adopts EtherCAT bus remote I/O module and CanLink bus motion control technology, with a simple system structure, convenient wiring, strong anti-interference and real-time performance, which is very conducive to equipment maintenance and relocation.

2. The whole machine adopts a book type vector driver, which can complete the DC bus connection by rotating the lap piece, with a simple and efficient structure. Sharing a DC bus allows each motor to work in different states, with complementary energy feedback, optimizing the dynamic characteristics of the system. (Overall drive energy consumption is about 30% less than that of similar devices)

Highlight 3
Coating method (optional with flexo coating function)

1. By optimizing mechanical design and electrical control, rapid switching between different coating modes is achieved, with more powerful functions, which can meet the diversity of composite processes, truly realizing multiple uses of one machine.

2. In the flexo coating mode, aluminum foil material can be coated with glue. With the same peel strength, the amount of glue applied and the amount of solvent used can be significantly reduced, saving solvent costs by more than 60%. Of course, while reducing the amount of solvent used, it can also significantly improve the composite production speed and reduce the risk of excessive solvent residues in products, truly achieving “cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.”.

Highlight 4
High efficiency oven

1. Three-segment fully enclosed upper and lower double-body thermal insulation efficient oven, with a combination of air knife and mesh intake method (each section of the oven has 15 air outlets), with a maximum wind speed of up to 50 m/s, can ensure that the coated substrate creates a dry environment with high air volume, high wind speed, and low temperature during high-speed operation.
2. The inner liner is made of stainless steel, and the air outlet is detachable, which is convenient for workers to regularly clean and ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the oven.

“Relaxation, reassurance, and peace of mind are the three major priorities of Lida’s customer service.”. Start from every detail and implement it in practical actions. As a flexible packaging equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales, focusing on the overall situation of the industry, cultivating in every detail, and continuing to serve more customers is our company’s corporate mission.

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