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What are the guarantee systems for Dry-lamination Machine

Many equipment have their own guarantee system, which can play a role in some emergency situations. So everyone knows what the guarantee system of a dry lamination machine is like?

Many manufacturers are pursuing high quality and high precision in film printing,which is in line with industry standards, and there is a lot of pressure. High-quality and high-quality products will not be equipped with a guarantee system. What is the accuracy of such a Rotogravure Printing Machine? dry lamination machine

1. The transfer of guide rollers

A large number of worn guide rollers not only require a flexible rotation, but also a good dynamic and static balance.

If each guide roller passes through the printing with a little resistance, the printing process of the Rotogravure Printing Machine is not synchronized with the istance and static, which is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the printed product.

2. Tension control

When placing the material. it needs to be placed on the roll: when the film is rolled, the tension should be small; the volume of the film should be small, and the tension should be large. The requirements for receiving parts: the film is small, the tension should be small; the film roll, the tension should be large.

This is to unwind a small tension film. As the film roll decreases, the tension will gradually increase. The tension of the small film is unwinding, and the tension will gradually increase with the film roll.

Printed matter is printed on paper or film, always maintaining tension, the tension of the paper or film is stable, and the tension of the paper or film is stable. The printed version will not run to maintain the accuracy of registration.

Through the introduction of the dry lamination machine above, everyone should know what the guarantee system of the dry lamination machine is like!

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