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Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine Description:

Aluminium foil lamination machine is suitable for laminating BOPP , PET, CPP, PE, PVC, Paper roll materials double layers or multy layers more times laminating.

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine Features:

* Unwinding frame: single station, location is in the top of the lamination machine, the stair in the side of machine.
* Unwinding max. Diameter:φ1200mm
* Unwinding shaft adopt safety clock, expand air shaft 3inchφ74mm,expand air shaft 1000kg,1PC
* Paper core inner diameter 3inchφ76mm
* Base material tension adopt 20kg magnetism powder brake, 1set
* Tension control adopt 60MTA closed loop auto tension controller, 1set
* Webguide of base material adopt manual type, adjust range ±100mm
* Unwinder frame, under pan, webguide active frame adopt profiled bar.

Aluminium Foil Lamination Equipment Detail:

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine

Aluminium Foil Lamination Equipment Technical Parameters:

Applicable material Plastic Film. Paper. Aluminium foil
Max.Mechanical speed 450m/min
Lamination width 850,1050,1250,1450,1650mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Dry method Electricity,Steam,Thermal oil or Gas
Coating method Solvent,Gravure coating,Micro gravure coating,
In-register coating,etc.(Option)

Aluminium Foil Lamination Equipment Application:

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine

About Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery

Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery is specialized in R&D and production of printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The series include: rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, high-speed coating machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinder machine etc. All procedures from choosing suppliers, inspection of part processing, supervision of assembly, install & debug of complete set of machine have formed a complete system and flow so that the quality of our products are under control.

Aluminium Foil Lamination Machine

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