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Aluminum Foil Packaging Solvent-free Laminating Machine

Aluminum Foil Packaging Solvent-free Laminating Machine Description:

The solvent-free laminating machine for aluminum foil packaging is a special equipment that uses solvent-free adhesive to compound aluminum foil with another composite substrate (film, paper, nonwoven cloth, textile cloth, etc.).

Solvent-free Laminating Machine

Aluminum Foil Packaging Solvent-free Laminating Machine Instruction:

1. The solvent-free laminating machine for aluminum foil packaging is controlled by a 5 frequency conversion motor. The tension of the whole machine (unwinding, coating, traction and winding) is automatically controlled by a Japanese Mitsubishi PLC system.

2. The discharging rack is of single-station hydraulic lifting type, and adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.

3. Comma scraper coating method: the clutch adjustment of the comma scraper roller adopts the pneumatic swing arm type, the swing arm is equipped with a micro-adjustment device to control, and the glue thickness is controlled by the feeler gauge.

4. Anilox coating mode: the coating scraper shaft adopts heavy-duty double-axis mechanical independent movement, the scraper adjustment mode is manual with pneumatic and the angle can be adjusted at will. The coating amount depends on the mesh line of the anilox roller, and different coating amount can be changed for different mesh lines of the anilox roller.

5. The oven is 24 meters long, and the first 21 meters are divided into seven independent temperature control sections. The heating adopts electric heating. The hot air enters the drying system, and the adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device. The air inlet and exhaust force is strong, and the drying is complete. The last 3 meters of the cooling box.

6. The guide wheel in the oven is actively synchronized with the host machine, and the transmission is synchronous belt pulley transmission type, which can reduce the material tension and deformation, and the film piercing operation platform makes it easy for operators to work.

7. The intermediate tension of coating roller – traction steel roller is synchronized by floating swing arm type and controlled automatically by PLC.

8. The automatic meter and speed are controlled by PLC.

9. EPC alignment machine is used for deviation correction to ensure the orderly winding of materials.

10. The key type inflatable shaft is used for retraction and retraction to facilitate the loading and unloading operation.

11. High-precision up-pressing traction device, water circulation type is adopted for steel roll cooling, which can make the film smoother, more scraping and achieve better cooling effect.

12. The take-up rack is in the form of single-station hydraulic lifting take-up.

Aluminum Foil Packaging Solvent-free Laminating Machine Detail:

Plastic Film Dry Lamination Machine

Laminating Machine Technical Parameters:

Web material All kinds of flexible package materials
Max.Mechanical speed 200m/min
Lamination width 1300mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Coating unit drive system Controlled by independent servo
Tension control Dancing roller tension auto-control

Lamination Machine Application:

Plastic Film Dry Lamination Machine

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Plastic Film Dry Lamination Machine

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