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Analysis of the Development of Fine Gravure Printing Machines

In the development of the printing industry, printing is closely related to the progress of human civilization and material life, the cultural heritage of mankind. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the printing industry is booming during the heyday of modern printing. As a soldier in the printing industry, gravure printing machine has shocked the world after decades of development and has become an indispensable part of the national economy and human life. Its development prospects are immeasurable, and gravure printing will become an investment hotspot. But our country is an old country, printing and gravure printing machinery only a few developments in the year, as for the status quo of gravure printing development trust industry insiders see that most domestic gravure printing presses are currently only based on the basic functions As for how advanced equipment is perfect, it is relative.

Gravure Printing Machine
Today, give full play to the advantages of its own technical staff and advanced digital processing technology, and honed, strive for excellence, with excellent product quality and after-sales service to ensure rapid and effective, rapid rise of industry, the characteristics of gravure printing equipment manufacturing enterprises The first representative power in China. Xinda YA series modular gravure printing machine is at the leading level in China, with high level of design, first-class manufacturing and advanced control. Advanced technology, processing accuracy, and stability of use are much higher than other similar models. It has invested hard work, carefully TYA601300 paper gravure coating press and YAM40950 paper gravure printing die-cutting machine, control technology, precision manufacturing and comprehensive performance, domestic paper gravure printing to a new level. The rest of the industrial control technology itself is not perfect, the understanding is not deep, the limitations of its backward precision parts manufacturing, the use of equipment in the use of sufficient stability, tissue wrinkles and other defects, drying capacity is insufficient, the new printing machine company across all obstacles Whether it is a paper copy (28 g / m2) or thick paper (450 g / m2) material, or a large or small winding coil diameter coil diameter, high-speed automatic ring and butt, oily or water-based ink printing, and more New vector printing machine companies have fully matured technologies and solutions for motor vector control and servo control, online die-cut positioning control and other aspects. The high-speed shaft transmission is not a trivial matter, the development of gravure printing is not formal, investing a lot of manpower, capital, from research experiments, scientific research, perfect high-performance gravure printing every detail. Under their premise, attention to all the details, advanced processing technology advantages, design and development strength, strong capital support, high-speed shaft drive gravure printing to a higher level. The latest YA901050FWZ combines the experience of high-speed shaft drive gravure printing gravure printing industry, relying on the development of new high-end technology and large-scale precision machining equipment and Germany’s first-class industrial automation company to build high-speed, high-precision conditions on the basis of Asia and Europe. High reliability, high automation and user-friendly shaftless gravure printing equipment. The value of the equipment has caused the affirmation and support of direct high-end users, and has won many users, enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad with its perfect humanized operation process and high cost performance, such as high evaluation and selection. The product development concept of Xinda Printing Machine believes that only the high speed, high reliability, high cost performance and high production efficiency based on perfect and basic functions are the ultimate goal.

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