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Automatic Shaftless Rotogravure Printing Machine

Automatic shaftless rotogravure printing machine adopts shaftless transmission technology, so that each printing unit is individually controlled by an independent servo system. This technology replaces the transmission mode dominated by mechanical long shafts in traditional rotogravure printing machine; thereby achieving a modular structure, reducing mechanical wear and noise pollution; and greatly improving the printing speed and set-up of the system. Accuracy.

Automatic Shaftless Rotogravure Printing Machine

Shaftless rotogravure printing equipment mainly consists of five parts: unwinding, input and output unit, printing unit, drying, and rewinding. During the printing process, the patterns printed by each printing unit can be accurately superimposed; thanks to the precise control of shaftless transmission technology.

During the control process, a virtual spindle serves as the master axis to maintain absolute synchronous movement between the printing color groups. The master and slave axes are connected through the control bus, and the slave axes follow based on the set position of the master axis.

Automatic Shaftless Rotogravure Printing Machine

Shaftless rotogravure printing machine has many advantages, such as fast production speed, high efficiency, rich product colors, and good texture. The rotogravure printing equipment adopts shaftless transmission technology; which makes the color registration and deviation control during the printing process more precise; thereby avoiding the waste of printing materials, saving printing costs, and improving the quality of printed images.

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