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Product description

Automatic Web Gravure Printing Machine Use:
This automatic web gravure printing machine is suitable for continuous, multi-color printing on rolling material in good printing performance such as cork paper, cellophane, yew paper, liquid paper box, BOPP. PET,PVC, PE,paper, This automatic web gravure printing machine broadly applied for all types of super-quality printed matters.

Automatic Web Gravure Printing Machine
Features of Automatic Web Gravure Printing Machine:
– Electronic shaft drive.
– Each colour group driven by independent servo motors; Tension controlled by 4 floating rollers.
– Shaftless lockup with air clamp.
– 3D adjustable scraping device with dual-axis & dual-cylinder scrapers adapting to multiple plates in different diameter and to any printing production with different technologies and processes.
– Winding & unwinding shelf with gas cap & turnplate; Automatically splicing with double stations working in high-speed ceaselessly.
– Vertical & horizontal automatically Color-Registering, highly precise pre-registration & rapid correcting the error when registering.
– PLC control & human-computer interface operation.
– This automatic web gravure printing machine is suitable to hot wind drying oven with multiple types of hot source; aspirating & exhausting system with adjustable internal circulation; high-efficient drying capacity; a separate exhaust fan directly exhausting gases to the main exhausting duct, which make low residual solvent and high-efficient drying effect.
– Machine halts with tension kept.
– Air-operated (Pneumatic) drop roller device.
– Optional heating methods for electric, air-energy, natural gas, bio-energy, thermal conductive oil, steam, etc.

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