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Chinese Rotogravure Printing Machine press industry today’ s development trend

Chinese Rotogravure Printing Machine press industry today’ s development trend
1、Large and medium-sized packaging rotogravure printing machine industry will account for the mainstream, especially gravure presses are increasingly seeking economies of scale, high quality and high skill content.
2、As a result of environmental and health factors, food, medicine, wine and other industries more and more attention to packaging materials and printing process of environmental protection, rotogravure printing machine companies pay more attention to the printing workshop environment. Environmentally friendly inks and varnishes will be welcomed more and more widely, closed shaving systems and quick replacement equipment will be used to adapt to water-based ink gravure presses will be widely used.



3、Rotogravure Printing Machine independent drive skills and electronic shaft drive as a skill channel, will achieve all the rotogravure printing machine upgrading, a variety of intaglio printing presses will use the electronic shaft drive. Now, the electronic shaft drive and registration system mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used in a small number of domestic gravure printing presses. The development of domestic overprint system will be the domestic rotogravure printing machine all the key to upgrading.
4、The share of wide gravure presses and paper gravure presses will continue to be added. On the one hand, the decorative printing and carton gravure press market will grow rapidly, on the other hand, the ups and downs of the flexible packaging gravure press will continue to add, the large number of gravure presses will increase rapidly. Paper and paper-based composite gravure presses will grow rapidly.
5、Gravure printing production line processing will be more diversified, more and more powerful configuration, such as light, die cutting, crosscutting, soft cut and so on. Accordingly, the gravure press management system, the remote technical support system will be increasingly used. At the same time, in order to meet the individual needs, from the unwinding, printing to the wiring processing, winding and other parts will be modular, one of the most important will be gravure trolley or gravure and flexographic printing interchange Small cart.

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