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Common Adjustment Method of Eccentric Wear Phenomenon of Solvent-less Lamination Machine

Common Adjustment Method of Eccentric Wear Phenomenon of Solvent-less Lamination Machine:

1. The solvent-less lamination machine is also easy to present various types of questions in the process of application. We should promptly check the problems encountered after the encountered problems to avoid the damage of the composite machine. The following is a summary of the details. How to adjust the time when the compound machine sends the partial grinding.

2. If there is a phenomenon of partial wear of the composite machine, it is necessary to check the cooperation precision between the piston and the cylinder liner, and adopt a method to avoid partial grinding in the production process. When the solventless compound machine replaces the seal ring, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and avoid bringing in the dirt. The four corners of the support (lower beam) support the stability and then operate. The compound machine first starts the lower bushing pressure ring (the large diameter piston is too heavy, the compound machine can be lifted by the small manual hoist), and the sealing ring is taken out one by one with a wire hook, and replaced with a new one, and then the pressure ring is tightened.

3. The solvent-less lamination machine finds some air leakage, which can be repaired by electric welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested. The pressure is 1.2-1.4 times of the steam pressure, and the welding repair is repaired. If it is a leak caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced. Avoid the “flanging” of the seal. The seals replaced by the compound machine should be carefully examined to analyze the damage factors in order to adopt the precautionary measures. The specification, construction and shape of the rubber seal ring, the solvent-less lamination machine is selected according to the specifications of the drawing rules, and cannot be changed at will.

Solvent-less Lamination Machine
4. Solvent-free Sealing ring of steam elbow of compound machine Many steam pipe rolling unions of hot press machine use sealing equipment of asbestos packing. At high temperatures, the asbestos filler is easily hardened to present a leaky sight. It is better to use a spherical joint and a PTFE sealing ring with better sealing function. The sealing ring can be used for about 1 year. The compound machine also has the asbestos wire immersed in PTFE plastic, which is pressed and pressed in the original packing box, but it is not convenient. When replacing the seal, the ring behind the ball needs to be blocked at a 45° angle, but does not affect the seal.

5. Solvent-less lamination machine Broken or slabs of different sizes cannot enter the compound machine. It is not permissible to directly limit the fiberboard without the liner. When the compound machine is shut down for a long time, the steam condensate in the compound machine should be cleaned in time to avoid internal corrosion. Some (or all) of the compound machine is not hot, indicating that the internal passage has a blocked view. Or the channel has a “short circuit” scene.

6. It is generally caused by the fact that the original fixed “plug” in the channel of the solvent-less lamination machine is disengaged or moved, but sometimes it is caused by severe corrosion. If the compound machine has a lot of exhaust, it still can’t be that some of the temperature rises back to normal. The special deep hole drilling rig of the compound machine needs to open the channel to view and remove the obstacles before it can be used continuously.

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