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Common Adjustment Methods of Dry Lamination Machine

1, The complex machine in the course of the use of contrast is easy to present various types of questions, we should be in the face of doubt after a timely investigation to avoid the formation of complex machine machine damage, the following joint size for us to introduce the dry lamination Machine to send partial grinding of the time should be how to adjust.
2, If the compound machine grinding phenomenon, the need to see the piston and cylinder cooperation accuracy, and in the production process to avoid partial wear mill. Composite machine to replace the ring, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and to avoid bringing stolen goods, support (under the beam) four-inch “jack” support stability and then operate. First, the first compound machine under the bushing pressure ring (large diameter piston pressure ring too heavy, complex machine can use a small manual hoist lifting), one by one with wire hook out of the ring, put on new, and then tighten the pressure circle.
3, The dry lamination machine found that some leakage, you can use welding on the weld after the test should be water pressure, the pressure of steam pressure of 1.2-1.4 times, and Xiuping welding complement. If it is internal leakage caused by severe corrosion, should be replaced. To avoid the occurrence of a “flanging” scene. Replacement of the sealing ring to be carefully examined, analysis of damage factors, in order to adopt preventive measures. Rubber seal ring specifications, structure and shape, the machine in accordance with the specifications of the rules of choice, not free to change.
4, The compound machine steam elbow tube seal A lot of hot pressing machine steam pipe rolling union, all use asbestos packing sealing equipment. Complex machine at high temperatures, asbestos packing easy to show a leak scene hardening. Good choice of sealing function of the spherical union and PTFE seal ring is better, the ring can generally use about 1 year. Compound machine also has the asbestos line dipped PTFE plastic, in the original packing box compacted use, the role worth mentioning, but the use is not convenient. Replace the ring, the ball behind the circle to be 45 ° angle cut off to cover, but does not affect the sealing effect.
5, Complex machine damaged or large and small slab, can not enter the complex machine. It is not allowed to limit the fiberboard directly without lining. Complex machine downtime longer time to be removed in time inside the composite steam condensate, to avoid internal corrosion. Some (or all) of the copiers are not hot, indicating that the internal channel is blocked. Or the channel has a “short circuit” scene.
 6, Are generally due to the complex machine channel within the original fixed “plug” off or move the formation of the position, but sometimes caused by severe corrosion. Dry lamination machine if a lot of exhaust, still can not be some of the heating back to normal, complex machine needs a special deep hole drilling machine open channel view, remove obstacles, the ability to continue to use.


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