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Complex machine sector of the “new revolution”

As a result of the traditional dry lamination machine itself, there are solvent residue, energy consumption, composite structure, the cost of glue and many other limitations, making as a complex machine manufacturers must make a new breakthrough in the device.
To this end, Jiangyin City of Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. of the years according to the experience of complex machine production of the overall design of the complex machine to make a revolutionary reform. Hereby our company launched LGF-1350MS wet and dry dual-use machine, the maximum composite speed: 250m / min.
The current packaging structure changes, making the demand for paper composite more and more. It is well known that the paper gumming is accomplished using a wet composite process. We are through the composite structure of the device changes, making the wet composite and dry compound in the same device can be completed together. Almost all of the composite structures on this device can be easily completed.

Regardless of food, pharmaceutical packaging materials on the solvent residue requirements are increasingly stringent. Through the upgrading of the dry bake Road updated, so that the use of solvent glue, the solvent residue can be far lower than the national requirements. At the same time, but also to adapt to the trend of water-based glue. Solve the composite strength and solvent residues in the conflict.
As the current requirements of the domestic VOCs more stringent, how to solve the problem of emissions has become a top priority. Through the automatic control of the intake and exhaust and the internal structure of the oven, so that the equipment at 200m / min speed operation (heat: electric heating), heating energy consumption is only: 50-60 kW / h, 5000-6000m3 / h, the concentration of emissions increased 2-3 times. What is the concept of this? The traditional composite data is as follows: heating energy consumption 150-200 degrees / hour, the exhaust volume is about 15000-25000m3 / h. This light energy consumption can save 20-30 million per year. In addition, due to the reduction of the exhaust air volume, the increase of the concentration makes the disposal cost of the subsequent VOCs also greatly reduced.
Such a device in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, function, the use of cost are very cost-effective equipment, have to say that the traditional complex equipment, an innovation.

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