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The dry laminating machine is a dry laminating process that combines different plastic films into a composite film machine. The dry laminating process, that is, the solvent of the glue in the solvent is sufficiently dried by heating and venting, and then recombined under “drying” conditions. Considering the opportunities of dry plastic laminating machines for different plastic films, aluminum foils and even paper lamination, there is a higher demand for dry laminating machines.
1. The amount of adhesive is forward, the amount of adhesive is too small or some of the adhesive coating the surface of the substrate is not a coated adhesive, which will cause complexity when the two substrates are difficult to fit. We can use the deep holes of the anilox roll or reduce the contact pressure by increasing the pressure of the rubber and rubber rolls and the anilox roll to increase the amount of adhesive on the surface of the substrate. For some plastic film substrates, the surface can be applied prior to corona treatment, the surface fluff HP, and then the ability of the substrate to absorb the adhesive, increasing the amount of adhesive on the surface.

Dry Lamination Machine
2. Choosing a suitable drying temperature that is too high or too low will affect the adhesion of the composite film. When the substrate is overheated or cooked at high temperatures, the surface of the adhesive will carbonize and then damage the adhesive’s ability to bond. The monomer temperature is too low, the adhesive curing is incomplete, the adhesive adhesion is poor, and the composite material is not strong. After a period of time, the composite film is likely to form bubbles, which impairs the product quality of the composite material. Of course, we can choose the excellent high temperature and resistance to the heat resistance of the digital press, for higher temperature drying, such as the choice of polyurethane adhesive.
3. The dry lamination machine appropriately increases the composite pressure too much or the pressure at both ends of the composite roll is uneven, which will cause the surface of the composite film to wrinkle, and the composite folds to form a void, which affects the adhesion fastness product. A proper increase in the pressure of the composite material is beneficial to increase the adhesion of the composite material. In addition, in order to improve the adhesion of the composite film to the premium dairy package, attempts are made to prevent foreign matter, dust and other debris from adhering to the surface of the adhesive or substrate composite. Conclusion Operation, we must carefully observe the various problems and shortcomings in the production process, and use the above methods to eliminate the shortcomings. When there are multiple problems or shortcomings, the choice of a single method may not include the unification of the packaging machine, pointing out the handling of important issues, and then using other methods one by one to deal with non-essential problems.

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