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Product description

Gravure printing speeds range from 180 meters to 220 meters per minute.
Gravure printing machine printing materials:
1. Polypropylene film OPP/BOPP/CPP12-60 micron 5. Polyvinyl chloride film PVC/BOPP/PVDC 20-70 micron
2, polyester film PET 12-60 micron 6, combined layer film up to 150g / m3
3, nylon membrane PA 12-60 micron 7, combined laminated film up to 150g / m3
4, cellophane CELLOPHANE 20-30 microns 8, polyethylene film PE 60-100 microns

Gravure Printing Machine
Main structural features of gravure printing machine:
Rewinding and unwinding: independent tower type double-position retractable reel; gravure printing machine air-expansion shaft loading and unloading, quick replacement, safe and reliable; automatic cutting; high-speed non-stop change.
Printing: Vertical and horizontal automatic color registration system with pre-sleeve function to improve overprinting accuracy; scraper turbulence is a two-axis turbulent type, independent motor drive.
Dry: Patented technology, high air volume, high wind pressure, multiple return air paths, high efficiency, and significant energy savings.
The whole machine: no chassis connection, using German Siemens PLC control, Japan Yaskawa inverter, seven motor tension control system, the main components are imported brands.


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