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It is Convenient to Change the Gravure Printing Machine

The gravure printing machine uses a round and round printing method. Usually the impression cylinder is on and the plate cylinder is down. The lower portion of the plate cylinder is immersed in the ink tank, and the plate takes ink from the groove (also inked by an ink pump or inked by an ink roller immersed in the ink tank). A thin steel blade is placed on the surface of the plate cylinder above the ink groove of the gravure printing machine to scrape off the ink on the plate surface (also wiped by the reverse rotation of the ink roller).

Automatic Web Gravure Printing Machine
The gravure printing machine adopts vector variable frequency motor control (automatic seven-motor tension control). The receiving and unwinding are evenly distributed into a double-station mechanism, and the rewinding and discharging of the material is automatically cut without stopping the machine, and the air-expansion shaft is loaded and unloaded. Gravure printing machine with high-definition still picture and precise color system configuration, no shaft loading, saving time and convenience.

Lida is a professional manufacturer of gravure printing machines. The series of gravure printing machines produced by the company are widely praised by new and old customers.

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