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CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine

CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine Feature:

1. Double frequency conversing synchronic timing is adopted for entry port of main machine, making more stable operation.
2. CPP film dry lamination machine adopts two means of glue applying, cobwebbing roll sizing and rubber roll gluing.
3. Top air style oven open, initiative guiding roll in oven.
4. 4-sect heating in drying tunnel, possible to control temperature by segments.
5. Photoelectric error correction for unreeling, with automatic tension.
6. Reeling and unreeling by tumbling dual-station mechanism, realizing auto material change, without machine halt.
7. Oil warming system for composite reel, constant temperature control.
CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine

Dry Lamination Machine Performance and Characteristics:

1. Coating and laminating of main machine are of double-shaft synchronous frequency conversion and feedback control.
2. Thickness of glue coating can be chosen by mesh of anilox roller and doctor blade.
3. Auto tension controller for three section constant tension control.
4. Turret type unwinding station, pre-tension control for non-stop shaft exchange.
5. Dry lamination machine is equipped with a unwinding station of EPC system.
6. Turret type rewinding station, pre-tension control for non-stop shaft exchange.
7. Movable doctor blade with pneumatic back pressure.
8. Three independent constant temperature section drying system with heating tube and strong air fans for air in feeding and exhaust, to ensure the full dryness of web.
9. Pneumatic lifting drying channel and operating platform for web passing, active synchronous running leading roller inside drying channel.
10. Pre-heating before laminating, water cooling roller for laminated web.
11. Inflatable Air Shaft for web loading/unloading.
12. Three rollers nip laminating method, laminating pressure more even to ensure higher peel strength.

Dry Lamination Machine Detail:

CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine

Dry Lamination Machine Technical Parameters:

Applicable material Plastic Film. Paper. Aluminium foil
Max.Mechanical speed 300m/min
Lamination width 850,1050,1250,1450,1650mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф1000mm
Dry method Electricity,Steam,Thermal oil or Gas
Coating method Solvent,Gravure coating,Micro gravure coating,
In-register coating,etc.(Option)

Dry Lamination Machine Application:

CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine

About Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery

Lida Printing & Packaging Machinery is specialized in R&D and production of printing equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The series include: rotogravure printing machine, dry lamination machine, high-speed coating machine, solvent-less lamination machine, inspection rewinder machine etc. All procedures from choosing suppliers, inspection of part processing, supervision of assembly, install & debug of complete set of machine have formed a complete system and flow so that the quality of our products are under control.
CPP Film Dry Lamination Machine

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