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Craftsman’s Spirit Of LIDA-Science And Technology To Create Quality

Craftsman’s spirit means craftsmen make his own products with an extreme attitude,excellence, the pursuit of more perfect spirit.Craftsmen like to constantly carve their own products, and constantly improve their own technology, enjoy the product in the hands of the process of sublimation. The aim of Craftsman’s spirit is to create the industry’s highest quality products, other peers can not match the outstanding products. To sum up, The Craftsman’s spirit is the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of excellence, the spirit of excellence, the supremacy of the spirit of service users.

Lida printing machinery Lida machinery’s goal is to do the contemporary craftsman.After 20 years of unremitting efforts, Lida is no longer in the stage that Lean on shoddy, low value-added development. Now, more focus on the details of the improvement of power. The fierce market competition,by virtue of Rotogravure printing machine,Dry lamination machine and other products to the power of fine vulture fine cut , service considerate,LIDA is increasingly favored by the customers.
The first half of the year in 2017, with “busy but not chaotic,” the words to describe. By the end of June Lida had sales growth compared with that in 2016 about 70%. The improvement of the overall market is on the one hand, but also reflects the strength of the force accumulate steadily.Lida has used the Craftsman’s spirit demands on itself, so that their awareness of product quality and service gradually get the recognition and support of customers, and can grasp firmly when the opportunity appear on the market.

Lida printing machinery Craftsman’s spirit is to require enterprises to be like a craftsman, pondering their products, excellence, stand the test and scrutiny of the market.The core of the craftsman spirit is that the enterprise should pursue scientific and technological innovation and technological progress.By maximizing the use of scientific and technological, upgrading the quality of equipment, the humanization of equipment operation is the basis for achieving leapfrog development of products.

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