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Different Inks Affect the Printing Cost of Gravure Printing Machine

In the printing process of gravure printing machine, although the cost only accounts for 15% of the printing cost (paper accounts for 45%), the printing factory has not given up the effort to reduce the cost of ink. The packaging printers hope that the ink supplier will be the best. The price/performance ratio provides the ink products that meet the requirements.
Selecting high-quality inks can reduce the cost of gravure presses, and you can analyze why you choose high-quality inks from these aspects:
1. Ink colorability: In the case where the amount of ink is constant, the higher the ink colorability, the more the printed parts, the greater the profit.

Gravure Printing Machine
2. Adaptability of ink to high-speed printing: At present, the speed of domestic gravure printing machine is generally around 150 m / min. The increase of printing machine speed will reduce the operating cost of the printing plant and improve the efficiency.
3. The use of additives or the use of auxiliary additives: gravure printing machine ink additives will increase printing costs, increase preparation time before printing, waste manpower, and also affect the stability of ink, but also bring post-press processing Trouble. No need to add or add additives is the best choice.
Therefore, the choice of high quality inks for gravure presses can reduce the cost of gravure printing.

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