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Dry Heat Source for Gravure Printing Machine

Since the ink layer of the gravure printing machine is thicker than the offset printing, after one color printing, it is necessary to use a drying system to rapidly evaporate and dry the ink solvent on the printed matter to fix the ink on the substrate. Dry each color and ensure that the drying speed of the ink matches the printing speed.
The drying method of the gravure printing machine is usually hot air drying. The drying device is composed of a heat generating device, a ventilating device, an exhaust port and the like to form a hot air drying chamber, and the printing sheet is dried from the hot air drying chamber. The air volume is adjusted to control the drying speed. The use of this boring equipment, the deformation of the printed sheet is small, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of the printed product. The sheets are usually cooled by a chill roll after being dried by hot air.
Gravure Printing Machine
The drying heat source of gravure printing presses now has the following options:
1) drying process by heating the electric heating tube;
2) drying process after high temperature steam;
3) drying process through a coal-fired boiler;
4) drying process after incineration of diesel;
5) The drying process is carried out using a Covio hot air dryer as a heat source.

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