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How Dry Laminating Machines Work

At present, dry laminating machines are very popular in plastic processing enterprises in China. Therefore, understanding and mastering the technology of dry laminating machine coatings is very helpful to improve the quality coating compounding of finished products.
The working principle of the dry laminating machine is as follows.
1. Prepare the first one, the direction of the line is to install the substrate along the guide roller. The proportionally distributed adhesive starts at the same time, the oven starts, and when the heating system reaches the corresponding set temperature, the drive motor is turned on and the paint production can begin.

Dry Laminating Machine
2. The coated substrate is passed through an anilox roll, glued, then baked, dried, and the coating process is completed.
3. EPC gas-liquid composite rectification into a composite part, rolling a part of the substrate, and second is the process of realizing the composite material.
4. After cooling the windings, complete the basic materials of the entire production process. Production should pay attention to the following issues.
(1) Adjust the flatness of the base material by adjusting the position of the adjustment roller.
(2) The pressure between the composite composite rolls is adjusted by adjusting the relative distance between the composite rolls.
(3) By adjusting the tension of the clutch and brake to control the tension and winding tension of the substrate, the machine runs smoothly, and the quality and effect of the composite coating is very good.

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