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LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine

LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine Description:

UNWIND AND REWIND: Dry lamination machine adopts cantilever turret disk-type whirling stand with double arm & double station, web material rolled with air shaft with safety chuck. Automatic web roll exchange with horizontal cutting device in obverse or reverse direction, rewinding is pretty regular.

FEEDER: Unwinds with feeder mechanism, can achieve zero tension unwinding, to maximize the material to avoid stretching, and can also be used as corona institution.

LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine

LAMINATION: Three-roll lamination device, keep pressure well-distributed.

COATING: Direct gravure coating, Fuji heavy pneumatic doctor blade device, Sweden AKE closed scraper system (optional). Active pressure rubber roller and coating roller are drove by independent motors to make coating tension more stable and precise.

DRYER: High efficiency and thermostatically sub-pressure designed dryer in three sections, with high air volume and air velocity. All nozzles are removable, easy to clean.Independent motor drive synchronous belt transmission, less noise.

CONTROL: Using imported German servo and motion controller for logic control.
Dry lamination equipment closed loop tension control in five sections, all drive system use U-type Synchronous belt, less noise.

LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine Application:

LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine

LGF-R Series Dry Lamination Machine Technical Parameters:

Web material Plastic film. Paper. Aluminium foil
Mechanical speed 400 m/min
Lamination width 1050. 1250. 1450. 1650mm
Dia. of unwind and rewind Ф800. 1000 mm
Dry method Electricity. Steam. Thermal oil or Gas
Optional functions Energy saving & Emission reduction device. Closed scraper system. Fixed-point coating
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