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Eight Color High-Speed Web Flexography Printing Machine

High-Speed Web Flexography Printing Machine Description:

The use of a seven motor four stage closed-loop tension control system and the automatic tension change action program are all controlled by Siemens PLC and human-machine interface in Germany. The eight color high-speed web paper flexography machine can automatically receive and change materials at high speed. It has exquisite structure and beautiful appearance, and is suitable for printing various film materials.

1. The embossing adopts dual cylinder boosting and slider self-locking positioning to protect the cylinder from air leakage and shutdown. Features: Ensure average pressure and color difference.

2. Eight color high-speed web flexography printing machine adopts computer controlled synchronous motor to adjust through decelerating transmission ball screw for automatic color registration. Features: Rotational lubrication, high color registration accuracy.

3. Adopting dual workstations, the tension of material collection and discharge, as well as the traction tension of material collection and discharge, adopt variable frequency vector control for line speed.

4. Accelerated color matching is stable, and does not run out horizontally. For large-scale printing, it can save materials, ink, solvents, and energy. At high speed, it can automatically receive and change materials, resulting in a waste of about 10 meters. Compared to the three motors, it can save about 40 meters, and ink, solvents, and energy can be saved by about 20%, greatly reducing the cost of the main product.

5. The oven adopts a centrifuge for blowing and suction, and electric heating pipes are distributed at the blowing ports of each group of ovens for heating. The internal air volume of the oven forms a thermal cycle, and the temperature is controlled by an intelligent temperature controller. The water cooling type is used for the back roll to ensure the cooling of the film.

High-Speed Web Flexography Printing Machine Detail:

Automatic Computerized Rotogravure Printing Machine

Web Flexography Printing Machine Technical Parameters:

Applicable material Plastic film,Paper
Max.Mechanical speed4 350m/min
Web material width 850,1050,1250,1450,1650mm
Registration precision ≤±0.10mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф800,Ф1000mm
Printing cylinder Dia. Ф120mm-Ф300mm
Dry method Electricity,Steam,Thermal oil or Gas

Web Flexography Printing Machine Application:

Composite Film Printing Press

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Composite Film Printing Press

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