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Engraving Printing Knowledge of Gravure printing machine

Gravure printing machine technology is a way of printing: engraving text and images on a flat wooden board, then applying ink on the surface, then overlying the paper, using a clean brush Lightly brushed, the process of making the image on the plate clearly transferred to the paper.

Automatic Web Gravure Printing Machine
The “carved version” of engraving and printing of gravure printing machine has various names in ancient China. The most common ones are “engraved version”, “publication version”, “ink version” and so on. Among them, it is the name of the ancient film is named because the wood is an important material in the engraving.
Lida gravure printing machine manufacturers are professional high-tech, experienced manufacturers, a series of gravure printing machines widely praised by new and old customers.
This is the technology before the gravure printing machine appeared.

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