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Compared with the traditional solvent-free compounding, the fast drying solvent-less lamination machine has a wider application range, and its environmental protection, sanitation, quick-drying and high-efficiency characteristics are especially suitable for the food and drug packaging industry.
The fast drying solvent-less lamination machine can be composited with BOPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP, PVC, aluminum foil, paper and so on. The thickness of the substrate is generally 7um-120um.
Six advantages of the fast drying solventless compound machine:
The initial tackiness after 8 minutes of compounding greatly reduces the risk of traditional solvent-free production. Each batch of products is first verified for reproduction, so that the quality is guaranteed.

Fast Drying Solvent-less Lamination Machine
90 minutes after compounding: sufficient curing can be completed 90 minutes after compounding, slitting or bag making, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle of the work order.
Quick-drying solvent-free compound machine cures at room temperature: no need to enter the curing chamber, saving time, labor, power and quick.
Easy to clean: Due to the independent coating, the glue does not react (curing), so cleaning is extremely convenient.
The fast drying solvent-less lamination machine is simpler to operate: due to the independent coating, the coating unit is not stuck by the glue.
Eliminate the risk of mismatch in the traditional solvent-free compound machine NCO pipeline blockage.

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