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Gravure Printing Machine Innovation

The gravure printing machine market is widely used, but as the printing industry is driven by the Internet wave, the washing press industry is accelerating. The most effective way to solve this decline is to innovate.
In the past two years, with the overall improvement of the domestic gravure printing machinery manufacturing industry, domestic gravure printing equipment has been continuously innovating and has achieved encouraging results. All the details, below the small series 7 innovative gravure printing.
1. Gravure printing machine automatic fluctuation technology
In the production process, the automatic fluctuation is tested by the precise measurement technology. The drum materials of different diameters and different widths automatically clamp the position, and then the lifting device automatically completes the position of the drum material equipment.
In the process of automatic detection, the weight, production and management of raw materials and finished products are improved, instead of manual processing, which not only solves the problem that the gravure printing press can play normal efficiency and auxiliary functions, but also can not meet the bottleneck, and greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the operators. .
2. Gravure printing machine automatic cutting technology
In the use of automatic cutting technology, the entire material automatic cutting process can be placed on the shelf, and the entire cutting action can be completed without manual intervention during the cutting process.
The application of automatic cutting technology in gravure printing equipment reduces the dependence on operators, equipment and improves work efficiency.
3. Gravure printing technology
The application of overprinting intelligent prediction technology is mainly in the initial stage of the process, reducing the operator’s manual step on the version of the balance, the direct use of the version of the keyway roller and the mark line on the screen one-to-one relationship, through the plate roller An early version of the automatic identification and implementation of mechanical zeros.
The process of the earlier version has been completed. The system automatically rotates the plate according to the color between the long calculations. It can realize automatic calibration position and automatic alignment.

Gravure Printing Machine
4. Gravure printing ink roller semi-closed ink tank
Main features of gravure printing machine: It can effectively prevent the ink phenomenon from running at high speed. The semi-closed ink tank can reduce the volatilization of organic solvents and ensure a stable high-speed printing ink process.
The recycling of ink is now reduced. Since the time is always ensured between the ink roller and the plate roller, the transfer to the ink roller grid point can be effectively promoted by the ink roller and the roller rolling process, so that the shallow network is gradually reduced.
5. Gravure printing machine intelligent data management system
The main function of the gravure printing machine: the control system of the intelligent data platform can read the operating parameters and status of the selected machine, and realize the necessary monitoring and parameter backup storage;
The on-site intelligent data platform can accept the process parameters and order requirements of the remote intelligent data platform, and authorize the remote intelligent data platform control system man-machine interface that determines whether to implement the process parameters, and so on.
7. Gravure hot air energy saving technology
At present, the application on gravure printing equipment is mainly hot air energy-saving heat pump technology heating technology, heat pipe technology and automatic hot air circulation system and lower explosion limit control.
1, heat pump heating technology. The efficiency of the heat pump is much higher than that of the electric heat. The heat pump is an air energy heat pump commonly used in gravure printing equipment. The actual test can save energy by 60% ~ 70%.
2. Heat pipe technology. The hot air system using heat pipe technology is in operation, hot air enters the oven, discharge port, FengKouChu secondary return air device, part of the wind directly participates in the secondary thermal cycle, and the other part of the wind acts as a safe exhaust emission system.
This part of the safe exhaust, using heat pipe heat exchanger to recover waste heat is effective
3. Automatic hot air circulation system, lower explosion limit control. The use of the lower explosion limit to control the automatic hot air circulation system can achieve the following effects:
Under the premise of meeting the minimum LEL explosion limit and the residual solvent is not exceeded, the maximum use of secondary return air, energy saving of about 45%, exhaust emissions of 30% ~ 30%. Corresponding exhaust emissions are reduced, and for future trips, 30% to 40% of investment tail gas treatment can be reduced.

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