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Gravure Printing Machine Produces a Strong Metallic Luster after Gravure Printing

In the continuous color printing of the gravure printing machine, since the ink is too dry, the bonding roller will occur at the next station printing, and the printing product will be retracted. The volatilization rate of the solvent in the gravure printing machine ink depends not only on the boiling point of the solvent, vapor pressure, latent heat of evaporation, but also on the temperature of the printing environment, relative humidity, air volume and thickness of the ink layer. Therefore, it should be changed according to conditions. , adjust the evaporation rate of the solvent in the gravure printing machine ink at any time.

Gravure Printing Machine
Ultra-thin aluminum foil is an indispensable composite substrate for flexible packaging. Since the surface is silver-white, the gravure printing machine has a strong metallic luster after gravure printing, and the cost is low, which can highlight the grade of the product. Foreign gravure printing machines are mainly gravure printing, and gravure printing is used in China.

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