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Gravure Printing Machine Specific Steps

Preparation for gravure printing machine:
1 Check for dust, rubbish, and debris unrelated to printing around the gravure press, and check that the ventilation and exhaust facilities are intact.
2 Check whether the original and auxiliary materials of the gravure printing machine are adequate and meet the printing requirements. The printing of plastic film requires that the substrate film to be printed meet the following requirements: the surface is smooth and flat, no obvious stiff spots, yellow spots, holes, and excessive wrinkles; the average thickness error of the substrate film to be printed should be 10%. Within the (1m printing width), the calculation formula of the average thickness error can be referred to the requirements of the dry composite substrate film; under the printing pressure, the elongation of the substrate to be printed should be within 1%; the substrate film to be printed The surface tension should be ≥40dyn/cm; the affinity between the substrate film and the printing ink should be known in advance, and the printing speed and the ink concentration can be larger for the film which is easy to dissolve and swell with the solvent in the printing ink. When printing a coated substrate film coating layer, it is necessary to know how the coating resin adheres to the ink.

Gravure Printing Machine
3 Check the quality of the gravure press plate roll. Note that the latter set of color plate rolls should be slightly larger than the previous color. For example, the circumference of the second color plate roll should be larger than the first plate roll circumference by 1%, at least slightly larger or equal, absolutely not smaller than the first color, otherwise it cannot be The overprint is correct. Check the plate pattern and color scale.
4 Check whether the printing, feeding, feeding, drying, inking, drawing and winding parts of the gravure printing machine are stuck, the lubricating part is injected with lubricating oil, the oil path is smooth, and the instrument is in good condition. If there is an ink viscosity automatic controller on the device, adjust the viscosity of the printing ink to the set value of 14~18s, and pour the mixed solvent into it, and connect it to the ink tank with the ink pump. Check the computer’s automatic version of the device.
5 Match the ink and choose the same color ink as the proof color.

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