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Gravure Printing Machine – Successfully Opened the Market in Developed Countries in Europe

Founded in 1998, the company is a professional manufacturer of flexible packaging equipment integrating product development, design, production and sales. The company covers an area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters, has more than 8,000 square meters of modern production plants, perfect staff quarters, canteens and cultural and entertainment facilities, and has professional technology and rich experience to continuously improve the quality team.
Through independent research and development, continuous innovation and technological transformation, the company has successfully developed a series of flexible packaging technologies such as production technology, quality, high-grade gravure printing presses, laminating machines, coating machines, winders, slitting machines and inspection products. Equipment. At the same time, reasonable prices and thoughtful after-sales service make the company’s products not only very popular in China.

Gravure Printing Machine
It is well known that Europe is one of the birthplaces of gravure presses and is currently the absolute leader in gravure press technology. As a latecomer to this industry, Europe has always been the subject we want to learn. Jiangyin Lida Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., as a leader in gravure printing machine manufacturers in China, has been striving to develop overseas markets, especially in developed countries in Europe.
Since customers have been accustomed to the standards of European gravure presses, the requirements for all aspects of the equipment are also very high. After long-term technical communication with Spanish customers, through the efforts of all the staff of the company, we finally met the requirements of our customers in all aspects.
The machine uses the most advanced electronic shaft drive system. All servo motors, motion controllers and registration systems are the most advanced in Germany. By using bus-based control, the device is greatly simplified. The best control system coupled with high-precision mechanical configuration has been approved by the customer for acceptance.

Gravure Printing Machine
Main structural features
Retractable and unwinding: The external disc type double-station retractable material rack has strong stability, and the air-expansion shaft is equipped with a safety chuck for loading and unloading the roll. The reeling is automatically cut, and the horizontal and horizontal cutting cutters are retractable and retractable. Cutting, with winding roller device; ultrasonic winding diameter detection system;
Printing: The whole machine adopts high-precision non-backlash Japanese servo drive, no shaft air top loading plate, vertical and horizontal automatic color registration and pre-registering device does not change the straight-pressing mechanism of the material length, and the transfer roller transfers the inking device to improve the overprinting precision. Reduce waste losses. The scraper is a two-axis tilting type, a quick-change scraper, independent motor control, and a three-way adjustable closed box scraper. Independent loading plate and ink supply integrated trolley;
Drying: Intelligent and independent independent high-efficiency drying system, which forms high-volume, high-wind pressure, high-efficiency energy-saving effect, multiple return air paths, and a cyclone layout on the entire surface. The centralized touch screen controls and monitors the working state of the whole machine, and has complete safety protection function, which can intelligently identify the working state of the whole machine and judge the fault; the oven adopts the overall thermal insulation design, which can effectively reduce the heat energy loss;
The whole machine: The servo motor tension control system controlled by imported PLC is used to quantitatively concentrate the lubrication system to ensure the high-speed running flexibility of the guide roller.

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