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Gravure Printing Machine Tension System Principle

In the production of gravure printing machines, the diameter and width of the rolls of different printing substrates will be different. When the unwinding unit is installed with a small diameter roll, the gravure printing machine can smoothly establish the initial tension of the whole machine, but If the roll with a large diameter is replaced, the pendulum roller of the gravure printing machine will frequently vibrate and will not be stabilized for a long time. In severe cases, the roll will be deformed and the roll will be broken.
This situation will not only cause serious waste of materials, but also increase the workload of the operators, bringing many unnecessary troubles to the printing enterprise.

Gravure Printing Machine
The change of the diameter of the gravure roll causes the change of inertia, but the position of the pendulum roll does not change before the gravure printing machine establishes the initial tension of the whole machine, that is, the tension deviation amount collected by the tension controller does not change. Correspondingly, the output of the tension controller does not change. However, for different diameter coils, the motor has the same angular velocity, so the larger the diameter of the coil, the faster the surface line speed, the faster the speed, the less easy the motor is to control, so it will appear for different diameters. The roll, the gravure press establishes a problem of varying degrees of difficulty in initial tension.
For different diameters of the coil, by setting different proportional units and integral units for the PID controller, the surface linear velocity of the different diameters of the coils is not much different when the initial tension is established. Specifically, it is to set a larger proportional unit and an integral unit for the coil with a smaller diameter of the gravure printing machine, so that it does not affect the running speed of the motor when the initial tension is established, and can establish a stable initial tension; A larger roll sets a smaller proportional and integral unit, which slows the motor and establishes a smooth initial tension.

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