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What are the Guarantee Systems for the Accuracy of Gravure Printing Machine

When many manufacturers are gravure printing machine, there is a lot of pressure in the industry in pursuit of high quality, high precision, and consistent standards of accuracy.
1. Gravure printing machine transfer guide roller (guide roller wear material)
A large number of roller wear materials require not only flexible and free rotation, but also a good dynamic and static balancing process. Imagine if each feed roll prints a small resistance, gravure press synchronization and electrostatic resistance, it is difficult to guarantee printing accuracy.

Gravure Printing Machine
2. Gravure press tension control
The feeding part needs: film, the tension is small; the film is small and tense. Accept position requirements: small size, small tension; film, tension. When the unwinding tension is small, the film is reduced, and the tension is gradually increased. Printing is printing, printing paper or film, always want to maintain a consistent tension, tension feeding is smooth, tension paper is stable.

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