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High Efficiency and Environmental Protection Dry Lamination Machine

[Focus] Low-cost Operation, Foolproof Operation, High Efficiency and Environmental Protection, This Dry Lamination Machine Has Everything You Want

Intelligent design, foolproof operation

In today’s era, excellent flexible packaging equipment must be inseparable from the help of intelligent software. LGF 300 type dry compound machine, with its superior software control technology, realizes real-time monitoring of the tension of each section, avoiding the generation of waste products as much as possible; it can remotely monitor the real-time operation of the equipment, and can also provide the operation of the equipment within 2 months. Query and print records (including: running speed, start-up time, production meters of the team, and alarm conditions); it can connect to the cloud platform through Ethernet to remotely diagnose equipment failures, and also provide customers with various cloud services.

In addition, the equipment can store process orders according to customer orders, and can store up to 100 orders, which helps to achieve process stability for the same order in different time periods, and also facilitates production managers to carry out accurate digital management, which can be seamlessly connected Internet of Things.

The LGF 300 dry lamination machine is ergonomically designed and matched with automatic functions, which can quickly complete various start-up tasks. Moreover, the operator only needs to directly retrieve the relevant stored order process data for use, which can be described as a “fool-like” operation.

High yield, eliminate waste

LGF 300 type dry compound machine rewinding and unwinding using shaftless gas cap device, can realize fast recharging coil; Various winding tension control curves can be applied to a wider range of composite material structure and process changes, greatly reducing the waste of winding bottom and improving the yield of finished products.

It is worth mentioning that the aluminum foil material can automatically change the rolls at high speed without stopping and slowing down. The aluminum foil material can be completely flattened when the machine speed is 30m/min, and the automatic tension control is precise and stable.

In addition, the laminating roll of LGF 300 dry laminating machine adopts a spiral flow channel liner structure. Under the premise of realizing the rapid heating of the hot roll, it not only requires less heat sources, but also ensures that the temperature error of any point on the roll surface is within ±1 Within ℃, the composite strength of the whole width is consistent.

The down-pressing composite structure is adopted to ensure that the glue-coated material has enough heat during the composite, and the peeling strength of the composite product is improved.

The non-destructive cutter is used for winding, which can adapt to the cutting of thick and tough materials. The cutting head is short and the bottom of the new shaft is flat.

New technology helps the machine run with low energy consumption

Asynchronous AC servo fully regenerative vector drive control system, and the use of DC bus feed technology. All motors are driven by the common DC bus through the principle of rectifier module + inverter module, so that the electric energy generated during the unwinding operation is completely absorbed by the winding and other motors, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced. It is understood that the overall drive energy consumption of the equipment can be reduced by about 30% compared with similar equipment.

Advanced fluid mechanics design and efficient heat preservation oven can ensure that the coating substrate can create a drying environment with large air volume, high air speed and low temperature when running at high speed, and effectively ensure the rapid and efficient volatilization of the solvent, reducing the occurrence of excessive solvent residues. risk.

Through the operation of the energy-saving and emission-reduction heating system that has been continuously optimized and upgraded for many years, the minimum exhaust air volume of the whole machine is only about 5000m³/h, which is more than 50% less exhaust air volume and 50% less energy consumption than similar equipment.

Reduce unorganized emissions, environmental protection worry-free

LGF 300 type dry compound machine has done enough homework in environmental protection. Through its own energy saving and emission reduction system, the concentration of solvent in the exhaust air of the whole machine exceeds 3.5g/m³. Combustion, greatly reducing the cost of VOCs treatment.

In the flexographic coating mode, the aluminum foil material can be glued, and the glue surface is more uniform. Under the same peel strength, the amount of glue applied and the amount of solvent used are greatly reduced, the cost is saved by more than 10%, and the cost of VOCs treatment is also reduced.

The Teflon fully enclosed plastic disc in the gluing part is more effective for less solvent volatilization. At the same time, the installation of multiple bottom exhaust devices reduces the concentration of unorganized solvents in the gluing unit, and is uniformly discharged through the main engine exhaust pipe. Reduce fugitive emissions disposal costs.

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