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High Precision Rutogravure Printing Machine

[Packaging Frontier] High precision, one-click overprinting, fast order change, and energy saving! The printer is getting more and more rolls!

The printing press is the core production force of color printing flexible packaging enterprises! Exquisite and flawless printing is the first factor that determines the success or failure of packaging!

The pursuit of delicacy has made China’s gravure technology disdain the world’s standard. This is inseparable from the pursuit of craftsmanship by printers, and even more inseparable from the contribution of China’s printing machine industry!

Under the “tempering” of various personalized requirements of flexible packaging enterprises, a large number of excellent printing equipment manufacturers have emerged in my country, including Jiangyin Lida Printing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Under the continuous influence of the epidemic in recent years, coupled with the unpredictable international environment, color printing companies are seeking higher product quality, higher production efficiency, and of course, it is better to reduce production costs more!

Now, a new machine that meets these requirements is here!

Jiangyin Lida Machinery, with more than 20 years of printing machine manufacturing background, integrates international advanced technology in the industry, and presents the LYA 400 series rotogravure printing machine that takes into account production flexibility and operation convenience for the industry. High overprinting accuracy, 400m/min Production speed, energy saving and consumption reduction, accurately meet every need of color printing and packaging enterprises!

rotogravure printing machine

Jiangyin Lida LYA 400 series rotogravure printing machine


Quick change order

Longer stable working hours

Simple maintenance

Can print new types of environmentally friendly substrates

And can print ink!


It has everything you want

Come see how it does it!

01Advanced manufacturing concept

1. Rewinding and unwinding adopts bilateral double-cylinder shaftless air-cap device, which makes loading and unloading coils easier and faster, and can be seamlessly connected with automatic coil loading and unloading trolleys (AGV trolleys).

rotogravure printing machine

2. The rewinding and unwinding motor adopts full servo drive control, and changes the previous multi-stage transmission mode to one-stage transmission to achieve higher transmission efficiency. Significantly reduces the noise generated during high-speed transmission.

3. The ultra-wide size (width: 650mm) of the unit wall panel makes the overall force of the printing unit more reasonable, the overall precision of the equipment is higher, and the stability performance at high speed is more excellent.

4. The adoption of the sleeve type top plate device helps to improve the stability of the high-speed operation of the plate shaft and reduce the incidence of failures in the plate shaft transmission.

The horizontal registration and debugging mechanism with the function of automatically recognizing the working state can perfectly realize the rapid positioning in the state of changing the order and the rapid fine-tuning of the lateral color registration under the high-speed working state.

rotogravure printing machine

5. The heavy-duty box-type squeegee ensures clean squeegee during high-speed printing, less generation of plate fog, improved printing quality, and easier to obtain excellent performance during high-speed printing. And fast and stable locking and replacement of scraper plate through one-button operation.

rotogravure printing machine

6. The fully enclosed ink tank can effectively prevent ink from splashing and effectively reduce the emission of unorganized exhaust gas. The extremely small ink storage increases the ink circulation rate, which is easy to clean, safe and reliable, and reduces the amount of waste ink.

02 Safety, energy saving, environmental protection

1. Passed the international CE certification, the rewinding and unwinding adopts safety grating, the printing color group emergency stop pull switch, the sound and light prompt alarm and the double protection of software and hardware, etc., to protect the personal safety of the printing machine operator.

rotogravure printing machine

2. The newly designed high-efficiency thermal insulation drying oven creates a drying environment with large air volume, high wind speed and low temperature, and achieves the drying effect of uniform temperature in each area of the drying oven, good negative pressure, high drying efficiency and low solvent residue.

rotogravure printing machine

3. Asynchronous AC servo fully regenerative vector drive control system and application of DC bus feed technology. The rewinding and unwinding motors are driven by the common DC bus through the principle of rectifier module + inverter module, so that the electric energy generated during the unwinding operation is completely absorbed by the rewinding and other motors, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced.

4. Through the self-developed energy saving and emission reduction system, the independent PLC controls the intake, exhaust and circulating air, which can effectively control the circulating air volume, and the single-color drying capacity is controllable.

The electric damper can control the exhaust air volume of each color, and the damper system of the unit can be closed in the case of monochromatic shutdown, so as to achieve the best effect of increasing concentration and reducing emissions. Compared with similar equipment, it can reduce energy consumption and exhaust emission by 50%, and the emission concentration can meet the requirements of directly entering the exhaust gas treatment device.

rotogravure printing machine

5. The bottom of the printing color group and the side row between the color groups (belonging to unorganized emission) are used as the fresh air of the whole machine, which realizes the optimization of the operating environment of the printing machine, and organizes the emission and treatment of unorganized organic waste gas.

6. Distributed color group control cabinet, integration of low-voltage electrical and control cabinets, through the ventilation and positive pressure control of the control cabinet, to meet the heat dissipation requirements, improve the stability of electrical components, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

03Intelligent control

1. The perfect organic combination of electronic axis control system, tension control and color register system can realize one-click quick register setting, minimize the waste of printing substrates when the printing press starts, achieve rapid and accurate color register and unprecedented waste reduction Effect.

rotogravure printing machine

2. It adopts 17-inch man-machine interface with powerful functions and intuitive display. Each printing color group is independently equipped with a small screen for color registration, which has functions such as label locking, dragging of color registration curves, and drying temperature control, which is extremely user-friendly for operators.

3. Remote intelligent service diagnosis system, real-time monitoring of various data of equipment operation, dynamic display of equipment faults, and statistical analysis of equipment operation data, it is very convenient to maintain and maintain equipment.

4. The whole machine adopts distributed I/O control, which reduces the failure rate of lines and equipment, reduces the maintenance cost of electrical accessories, etc., and truly achieves low failure and easy maintenance.

5. The perfect order management system can completely realize formula management, tension control, temperature control and storage and reading of various production process data, ensuring the consistency of printing process. It is convenient for production managers to carry out accurate digital management, and can seamlessly connect with customer ERP and Internet of Things systems.


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rotogravure printing machine

LYA 400 Electronic Shaft Rotogravure Printing Machine

Meet your individual needs for intelligent printing equipment

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Jiangyin Lida Printing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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