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High speed coater use:
The high-speed coating machine introduces foreign advanced coating machine technology and combines its own experience in producing coating machine for many years. It is widely used in the production of release film products by coating silicone oil coating.
High speed coater performance and features:
1. The high-speed coating machine is controlled by 10 variable frequency motors, and the whole machine adopts automatic tension control, and the speed is kept synchronized.
2. The discharge rack is independent and adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.
3. The netting coating method adopts a heavy-duty double-shaft mechanical independent swimming for the coating scraper shaft. The scraper adjustment mode is manual pneumatically, and the angle is arbitrarily adjusted. The coating amount depends on the anilox roller eye line, and the coating amount is different. The anilox roller can be exchanged for different eye lines.
4. The oven is 12 meters in 6 sections and independently controlled temperature. The heating adopts electric heating hot air into the drying system. The heating box is externally installed. The heating tube is made of stainless steel with heat sink, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device, strong wind and dry air. thorough.
5. The guide wheel in the oven is synchronized with the main engine. The transmission adopts the synchronous belt wheel transmission type to reduce the material stretching and deformation. The cylinder open top oven and the film-piercing operation platform make the operator easy to work.
6. Coating roller— traction steel roller intermediate tension synchronization adopts floating swing arm type automatic tension control.
7. Automatic metering speed control device.
8. The EPC gas-sensitive edge-aligning machine is used for correcting the deviation of the material.
9. The high-speed coater retracts and adopts the key type air expansion shaft, which is convenient for loading and unloading.
10. High-precision upper-pressure traction device, the steel roller is cooled by water circulation type, and the cooling roller makes the film smoother, more scratched and more cooling effect.

High Speed Coater
High speed coater remarks:
A. Specially designed high-speed coating machine according to different requirements of customers (limited width range is 300-2000mm).
B. Retractable racks are: manual lifting type single station, hydraulic lifting single station, electric flip type double station, electric zipper climbing type double station, electric flip wheel type double station, etc. Customer choice.
C. The oven heating methods are: electric heating, heat conduction oil furnace heating, steam heating, etc. for customers to choose.
D, high-speed coater coating methods are: anilox roll coating, two-roll coating, three-roll coating, five-roll coating, comma knife coating, air knife coating, etc. for customers to choose.
E. The working speed is proportional to the material of the coating, the coating thickness, the oven length, and the drying temperature.

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