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High Speed Dry Laminating Machine

High-speed dry laminating machine use:
High-speed dry laminating machine is suitable for BOPP PET PVC CPP PE NY, aluminum foil film and paper, etc. Two-layer or multi-layer composite form of high-strength, 髙 fresh or retort-resistant packaging materials.
Main features of high speed dry laminating machine:
High-speed dry compound machine PLC programmable controller control, stable and reliable operation.
The man-machine interface sets parameters through the touch screen and displays the current status data of the machine.
High-speed dry laminating machine import vector nine-motor synchronous control.
The guide rollers in the drying oven operate synchronously.

High Speed Dry Laminating Machine
Rewinding and unwinding double station mechanism, EPC automatic rectification system, automatic cutting device
Realize non-stop replacement of volumes.
Pre-drive synchronization, automatic refueling without deceleration.
Mobile scraper, pneumatic back pressure device.
The high-speed dry laminating machine is compounded by a three-roller pressing method, and the pressure is more uniform and the composite is firmer.
Composite substrate preheating device, composite finished water cooling device.

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