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High Speed Film Dry Lamination Machine

High Speed Film Dry Lamination Machine Introduction:
High speed film dry lamination machine is a compound device, it is mainly equipped with transportation system, laminating system and cutting system. The electrical device is contolled by PLC, heating roller use the circulation of heated oil to insure the accuracy of laminating temperature. The whole dry lamination machine has compact structure, automatization and humanity operation. It is the good choice for the large and medium scale enterprise.
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High Speed Film Dry Lamination Machine

Features of High Speed Film Dry Lamination Machine:
– 10 variable frequency motors with synchronous drive and frequency control.
– Imported PLC centralized control.
– Color touch screen human-computer interface.
High speed film dry lamination machine with feed traction structure with Independent unit coating; 4 sections floating roller type tension closed-loop control.
– Glue wiping roller device with glue evenly coated.
– Unwinding and drying oven outlet with EPC gas-sensitive & photoelectric correction.
– Hot air drying system with multi-stage independent constant temperature function.
– Drying oven with built-in guide roller, synchronous revolved actively.
– Drying oven structure with Cylinder top-open type; the upper and lower boxes ventilate at the same time , which make effective control and solve the solvent residue and wrinkle problems.
– Double-position rotary frame retractable roll mechanism, non-stop loading/changing material with high-speed.

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