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High Speed Gravure Printing Machine
Product description

High Speed Gravure Printing Machine Description:
This high speed gravure printing machine is suitable for printing various plastic film (BOPP, PET, CPP, PE NYLON, PVC), thin paper, foil, and other reel type material. The printing speed is 100m/min, mechanical speed 120m/min.
1. Main driving structure: Controlled by INOVANCE frequency controlled motor, axle coupling driving. Feature: Stable running.
2. Shaftless printing roller fixing System: adopt pneumatic cylinder fixing style to drive the printing roller core, and transverse adjustment through screw. Feature: Swift printing roller replacement, so as to insure the concentric of printing rollers to improve printing precision.
3. Ink scraper structure: use air diaphragm pump to cycling and feeding ink; doctor blade slowing drive by low speed synchro-motor which can be up & down and angle adjusted; the pressure controlled by double pneumatic cylinder.Feature: increase service life of printing roller and easy use.

High Speed Gravure Printing Machine
4. Imprinting ascending and descending structure: controlled by twin pneumatic cylinder synchronous ascend and descend; oscillating arm type cylinder seat to insure the stability of material tension.Feature: insure the pressure equalization, decrease chromatic aberration.
5. Overprint Mechanical hand of this gravure printing machine: longitudinal automatic overprinting adjusted by micro-computer (through photocell detecting) and synchronous motor (through screw rod slow driving).Feature: flexible, stable, and high overprint precision.
6. Rewinding and unwinding system: double stations, auto-cutting and connecting for rewinding, and controlled by moment motor; Rewinding traction adopt vector frequency controlled motor. Unwinding adopt magnetic powder brake constant tension controlling. Feature: low tension variety, to reduce waste and cost-cutting.
7. Drying & cooling system of high speed gravure printing machine: drying tunnel wind cycling by centrifugal blower; temperature controlled by intelligent temperature controller; material cooling by singe unit wind cooling device. Feature: insured drying and cooling effect, increase product quality.

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