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High-speed inspection rewinding machine summary:
The high-speed inspection rewinding machine is specially used for PVC, PET coated palm-shaped packaging material after re-winding through the inspection rewinding machine, which can check the printing quality, sealing performance, length specification and other indicators.
1, the high-speed inspection rewinding machine host uses variable frequency motor, the vector inverter realizes closed-loop control, and the speed is accurate.
2, the unwinding base tension is selected 2.5Kg magnetic powder brake control accuracy ± 0.5Kg full format (KORTIS).
3, unwinding constant tension control, acceleration and deceleration tension inertia compensation.
4, the reel adopts the expansion type air expansion shaft 3 inches Φ74mm to correct the edge and live pressure using linear shaft, linear bearing operation.
5, the diameter of the traction steel bar and the width Φ90mm × 320mm, the surface is hard-plated and polished, and the mirror is thrown.
6, traction rubber pressure roller diameter and width Φ90mm × 320mm rubber material butyl, rubber stick open spiral groove.

Inspection Rewinding Machine
7, the rubber stick clutch uses both ends of the pneumatic and simultaneously performs the cylinder diameter Φ50mm × 20mm stroke, the air pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily.
8. The traction rubber rod is driven independently by the timing belt to the variable frequency motor.
9, the reel adopts the slat-type air expansion shaft specification of 3 inches Φ74mm.
10, high-speed inspection rewinding machine winding rectification flap seat adopts linear guide rail, base alignment is selected by Titan Mako servo motor drive, photoelectric tracking corrector side accuracy ± 0.1mm maximum line speed 25mm / s push range ± 70mm ( American Titanium or Taiwan East Electric Research).
11, winding with independent motor and magnetic powder combination to control the winding tension, magnetic powder heating is small, can achieve stable small tension control.
12, high-speed inspection rewinding machine winding taper tension (radius ~ tension curve, speed ~ tension curve).
13, the winding length or diameter reaches the automatic stop, and the minimum winding diameter of the unwinding automatically stops.
14, the high-speed inspection rewinding machine in the middle of the over-guide stick, the guide bar material aluminum alloy, the surface of the guide bar hard anodized (called brown color guide stick) guide stick movement, static balance ± 0.4g.

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