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Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturer’s Association Came to Inspect

Beautiful season with the osmanthus fragrance and invigorating autumn climate.
November 2017, 30 people of Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturer’s Association,came to our company for on-the-spot investigation.Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturer’s Association founded in 1971, rooted in Hongkong for more than forty years,It is the leader of Hongkong plastic bag industry, the founding members are from the pioneer and leading enterprises in the plastic bag industry.Since its establishment, it has actively contributed to and supported the development of Hongkong plastic bag industry.So far, more than 100 enterprise members have participated.Members include plastic packaging manufacturers, mold machinery manufacturers, suppliers of chemical raw materials, ink products suppliers and other industries.Not only for Hongkong and the domestic market, but also exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia and other places, accounting for more than half of the annual output value of plastic bags industry in Hongkong.
As Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturer’s Association’s cooperation partner for many years, many members of the chamber of commerce are our company’s customers, the compound printing equipment of Jiangyin Lida machine have many years of experience, our company has deep feelings.Has many years of experience of using lamination and printing equipment of Jiangyin Lida machinery, we have deep feelings.

As the industry of domestic printing processing equipment suppliers in the leading position of Jiangyin Lida machinery will always adhere to technological innovation as the core of enterprise development.And all the guests expressed great interest in it. Everybody Detailed understanding of our company’s latest successful development of RCO organic waste gas treatment equipment,and the specific technical parameters of ELS Rotogravure Printing machines,Solvent-less lamination machines,Inspection rewinding machines,during the workshop visit.Watch the scene demonstration of the equipment.We received all the members’ praise.
(Printing demonstration of 270m/min ELS rotogravure printing machine )

Rotogravure printing machine
(Laminating demonstration of 450m/min Solvent-less lamination machine)

After on-the-spot investigation of the workshop, The members saw the strictness of the quality control and the neatness of the production environment and have had a strong interest in the products of our company, they actively asked the specific conditions of the equipment with our sales staffs.

Dry lamination machine

(the president of Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturer’s Association Mr.Canzhi Mai(third from right)Awarded excellent enterprise medal to Jiangyin Lida Machinery General Manager Li Liu(second from right))

In order to thank for actively contribute of Jiangyin Lida machinery, Hong kong Plastic Bags Manufacturers decided to award Jiangyin Lida Machinery “The excellent cooperative enterprise”.Jiangyin Lida Machinery General Manager Liu Li expressed deep gratitude, also said that this honor is not only the recognition of our company, but also is motive power of we continue to strive to do our products.

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