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How should the Solvent-less Lamination Machine develop?

Solvent-less lamination machine develop in the future? Let’s take a look with the solvent-less lamination machine manufacturers below! How should the solvent-less lamination machine develop?

As the country has become more stringent in the control of VOCs emissions; solvent-less compounding has been valued and purchased by an increasing number of flexible packaging companies due to its advantages of zero emission of VOCs; high speed, low energy consumption, and small amount of glue. As the domestic solvent-less compounding technology matures, an increasing number of printing companies are bound to join the solvent-less compounding team.

So how can we control solvent-less compounding? First of all, we must understand the structure and principle of the solvent-less lamination equipment.


The solvent-less lamination equipment is mainly composed of a glue mixing unit, a coating unit, and a composite unit.

The combined composition of the solvent-less lamination machine:

Two independent rubber barrels and heating system, two rubber conveying motors, two rubber conveying pipes, two rubber conveying valves, a rubber mixing pipe and control panel, etc.

Principle of solvent-less lamination machine:

The two kinds of glue are heated to make the glue in the glue bucket reach the set temperature and enter the respective glue pipes, and then the control panel uses two motors respectively according to the density or volume of the glue, and passes through the respective pipes from the two respective pipes. The rubber valve enters the rubber mixing pipe, so that the glue is fully mixed in the rubber mixing pipe.

Then flow into the metering roll of the solvent-free compound machine. The heating method of the glue delivery valve of the control panel of the glue tank mixer and the glue tank of the rubber mixing tube includes bottom heating and surrounding heating. Because the glue is output from the bottom, the bottom heating system should be the bottom heating system to make the temperature of the glue more uniform.

Therefore, most equipment factories of solvent-free laminating machines use bottom heating systems. The above is an introduction to the future development of the solvent-less lamination equipment.

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