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LJF400 Series Inspection Rewinding Machine
Product description

LJF400 Series Inspection Rewinding Machine Description:

UNWIND AND REWIND: Shaftless pneumatic cone to charge/discharge web roll.Easy operation and humanization.Touch type press roller for unwind and rewind.Rewinding neatly, tightly consistent.Unwind EPC is automatic photo electricity controller.

Inspection Rewinding Machine

INSPECTION: Inspection rewinding machine adopt imported fully automatic scanning inspection device which analyses the defect automatically.

CONTROL: Inspection rewinding machine is logically controlled and protected by PLC,operated by touch screen.Precise length counter for running forward or backward,automatic accelerating or decelerating,fixed speed control accuracy.And can rewind to any memorized position as users need.

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Technical parameter
Inspection web material Plastic film. Paper. Aluminium foil
Max. mechanical speed 400m/min
Max. rewinding width 1250mm
Dia. of unwind and rewind Ф800. 1000 mm
Inspection method Inspection camera or Stroboscope
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