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Inspection rewinding machine is earmarked for PVC, PET adhesive together in prayer after the roll forming pocket packaging materials through the machine re-inspection product files, you can test the print quality, sealing performance, and length specifications of indicators.
Characteristics of Inspection Rewinding Machine:
1. Unwinding is transmitted by independent frequency motor and controlled by PLC.
2. Shaftless and air shaft unwinding two option, width is electric adjusted.
3. High speed static EPC
4. Pneumatic pressing roller

Inspection Rewinding Machine
5. Traction roller is driven by frequency motor, transmitted by triangle belt.
6. Rewinding is controlled by frequency motor, calculate the roll diameter automatically by PLC.
7. Tension controlled by floating roller, it can solve the problem of printing material adhesive to the roller or film stretching.
8. Shaftless or air shaft rewinding, making the material unloading convenient.
9. Rewinding turret adopts lead screw clamping, electrical width adjustment.
10. Stroboscope of inspection rewinding machine can be adjusted to a best angle. Inspect the printing picture by eyes, if any defect appears, press the “Stop” button to let the machine stop and run back to the defect point.
11. Printing defect is clear, easy operation.
12. Pressing roller touches the guiding roller tightly, prevent the roll from slipping off after the waste edge is cut off, after film connected, inspection continues.

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