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Introduce the main aspects of the composite machine direction

Dry lamination machine development direction of the main table Now consider the following three aspects:

Frame structure: cutting is also two or three times to cut the domestic plant should be noted that the framework of the structure, from the cutting plant, a more rational plan of the cutting machine. Cut with the cutting machine plagiarism, planning a personalized slitting machine, the score is not the same as the detailed structure of the cutting material, I round the competition in the international market, the supply of film favorable weapons, together with the company to find their own blue ocean.

Some of the automatic control: the current level of domestic production of cutting machine automation still remain at the intermediate level, although the use of domestic control components has been very extensive, relatively cheap prices, but the use of the depth of the domestic cutting factory far behind the developed countries , & Lt;
In particular, in the control system and cutting machine structure, and to reduce the shortage of materials, organic link, at this level, the vast majority of domestic slitting machine is still in the thick line, no longer deepen understanding of rigorous and rational cutting machine Control System.
Cut the domestic factory should be more than a few directions to find out the principle of cutting machine control to meet the cutting, you can maximize the use of good hardware supply function.


Manufacturing: This is a common problem faced by the Chinese manufacturing industry, in addition to planning a reasonable also plea for a fine manufacturing industry, as well as the shortage of Chinese manufacturing in this area, in addition, manufacturing skills is a thin, production cutting equipment,
In addition to some general machine tools, but also need some special equipment manufacturing cutting machines, balancing machines and other water cutting machine, etc., due to the high precision of the cutting mechanism request, so some equipment need to use CNC machine tools processing parts, in particular, The use of mechanical processing base, in order to create cutting machine equipment processing accuracy can be fundamentally guaranteed.

Dry lamination  machine requires glue may be evenly adhered to the surface of the foil and the plastic film may be woven fabric, the skills required for coating higher, the composite machine can not only exhort the paint a high degree of uniformity and high-speed constantly changing the end of the production into force . Composite ink short suspension of road transport ink, ink system drum material printing, gravure printing machine speed is higher, gravure plate making cycle is long, plate cost is precious, suitable for large-scale production label. The choice of gravure printing press produces a fine self-adhesive label, and the level of rich, film label roll printing, requires more stable monotonous ink. Offset printing can be thick plastic material, suitable for large-scale printing.

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