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Introduction to Lida Machinery’s LYA-F Series Rotogravure Printing Machine

Lida Machinery’s LYA-F Series Rotogravure Printing Machine is usually printed by circular crimping method,when printing, plate cylinder full range of ink, with a doctor blade will be part of the blank part of the ink scraping the net, leaving the graphic part of the ink,and then paper,printed by the impression cylinder on the back of the paper,so that the concave part of the ink directly transferred to the paper,and finally by the collection of some of the printed material collection.

LYA-F Series Rotogravure Printing Machine

The main structural features of LYA-F series rotogravure printing machine:
Unwind and Rewind: Cantilever turret whirling stand with double arm & double station, web material rolled with air shaft with safely chuck. Automatic web roll exchange with cutting device.
Printing: Vertical register system, also with pre-register. High precision and less waste. Doctor blade plays with double-axis, drive by independent motor.
Dryer: Low consumption oven with high air volume and pressure, multi-return and whirlwind distributed.
Control: Machine is logically controlled by PLC, 7 sets of AC vector motor tension control. Main components are imported.

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