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Product description

BASIC PRINCIPLE: high-concentration organic waste gas is heated to 320 ° C, then decomposed into water and carbon dioxide through the action of catalyst. A heat exchanger replaces the simultaneously released energy (oil or water), for the self-ignition of maintenance equipment; and the ovens heating of printing, lamination, coating and other production lines.

LCO Series VOCs Catalytic Oxidizer

CONTROL: VOCs catalytic oxidizer is logically controlled and protected by PLC, and forms Ethernet network with printing, lamination and coating units; so as to obtain operation information mutually, and ensure the best operation state of the equipment.

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Technical parameter
Objects Benzene,Alcohol, Ketone,Ester and other organic waste gases
Concentration 1000 – 6000mg/m³
Airflow 8000 – 20000m³/h
Treatment rate ≥98%
Catalytic initiation temperature 350℃
Combustion-supporting method Gas,Electricity, etc
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