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LDF 450 Series Combi Lamination Machine

LDF 450 Series Combi Lamination Machine Description:

UNWIND AND REWIND: Cantilever turret whirling stand with double arm & double station, shaft-less air cap device. Automatic web roll exchange with cutting blade, setting with unwind EPC device.

COATING: Gravure coating, pneumatic doctor blade device.

Combi Lamination Machine

DRYER: High efficiency and thermostatically, sub-pressure designed dryer in three sections, with high air volume and air velocity, drying in lower temperature.

LAMINATION: Three-roll lamination device, keep pressure well-distributed.

CONTROL: The combi lamination machine is logically controlled and protected by PLC, closed loop tension control in four sections, all drive system use U-type Synchronous belt,less noise.

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