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Lida Machinery 2023 Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition Special Session Review

Exciting Review of the Exhibition

On April 17-20, the high-profile CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center. The exhibition’s popularity continued to explode for four days, attracting many well-known enterprises and brands from the rubber and plastic industry to participate. Each enterprise showcased the latest technology and products, providing a platform for communication and display for the entire industry. Lida Machinery also made an appearance at the exhibition, showcasing our latest technology and solutions.

During this exhibition, we successfully distributed nearly a thousand documents and received positive responses from our customers, with continuous inquiries. The exhibition site is bustling, with constantly emerging exhibitors and visitors both inside and outside the venue. Next, let’s review the grand exhibition together~

For every customer who comes to visit our products, the Lida team shows a passion of twelve points and meticulously answers their questions and doubts. We strive for every customer to not only understand our high-quality products, but also feel our sincere service attitude, and personally experience Lida’s dedication and trustworthiness.

Many professional soft packaging industry experts present have shown great interest in Lida printing, lamination, and coating equipment, and domestic and foreign customers have signed a letter of intent to order at the exhibition site. At the same time, many customers have confirmed the accurate itinerary for their visit to the company.

The 4-day exhibition, from the preliminary preparation to the perfect conclusion, truly appreciates the hard work of every partner in the company.

Good product – keep up with hot topics and solve the needs

Lida LYA 400 unit intaglio printing machine has advanced automation function, high overprint accuracy, 400m/min production speed, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the ability to print on a variety of substrates including new environment-friendly materials, and truly combines speed and quality with environment-friendly and operator friendly production to accurately meet every demand of color printing and packaging enterprises!

As an ideal choice in the field of composite technology, the LGF300 dry laminating machine can handle a wider range of material combinations while operating easily and at a low cost. Its functions include Lida’s flexographic printing car, which can significantly improve the composite production speed and save solvent costs by over 60%.

In addition, the LWF450 solventless composite machine is also one of the models that customers consult the most. It can set up and change orders faster, reduce waste, and achieve low-cost high-quality production. It can handle various soft packaging substrates, with a production speed of up to 450 meters/minute.

A successful end is also a new beginning! This exhibition trip is not only about showcasing the Lida brand, but also about perceiving market changes and accurately focusing on customer needs. Every innovation and breakthrough we make is inseparable from the trust and support of new and old customers! In the future, we will continue to forge ahead and forge ahead! Looking forward to meeting you again!

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