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Lida Mechanical High-speed Coating Machine Features

The high-speed coating machine of Jiangyin Lida Machinery is suitable for the production of exterior coating of film and paper. The high-speed coater coats the roll of the substrate with a special layer of glue, paint or ink, and then winds it up and rolls it up. The high-speed coating machine adopts a special multi-purpose coating head, which can realize various forms of external coating. The high-speed coating machine is equipped with a full-speed automatic film-receiving mechanism for the rewinding and unwinding, and the PCL program tension closed-loop automatic control.

High-speed Coating Machine
The characteristics of Lida Machinery High Speed ​​Coater are:
Unwinding: independent tower double-station discharge rack Automatic roll cutting, air-expansion shaft plus safety chuck loading and unloading roll, unwinding EPC device;
Winding: independent tower type double station receiving rack, flying knife cutting, surface winding form winding, constant tension winding;
Gluing: The wire roller is glued, the rubber roller is driven by an independent motor, and the pneumatic reset is performed;
Oven: Six-stage top-opening high-efficiency constant temperature drying oven. The whole oven adopts negative pressure design. The hot air does not blow out the oven. The high air volume and high wind pressure can create a low temperature and high wind speed drying method. The guide roller is driven by a separate motor, synchronous belt drive, and the noise is extremely low;
Compound: three-roller composite pressure roller device to ensure uniform pressure of the entire surface; S-type double cooling roller;
The whole machine: high-speed PLC programmable controller for logic control and protection, four-stage closed-loop tension control and display, the transmission system is all U-type synchronous belt transmission.

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