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Product description

BASIC PRINCIPLE: high-concentration organic waste gas is heated to 320 ° C, then decomposed into water and carbon dioxide through the action of catalyst. A heat exchanger replaces the simultaneously released energy (oil or water), for the self-ignition of maintenance equipment, and the ovens heating of printing, lamination, coating and other production lines.

LRCO series

CONTROL: LRCO SERIES Machine is logically controlled and protected by PLC, and forms Ethernet network with printing, lamination and coating units, so as to obtain operation information mutually, and ensure the best operation state of the equipment.


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Technical parameter
Objects Benzene. Alcohol. Ketone. Ester and other organic waste gases
Concentration 1000 – 6000mg/m3
Airflow 8000. 15000m3/h
Treatment rate 98% or more
Catalytic initiation temperature 320℃
Combustion-supporting methods Gas. Electricity. etc.
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