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LTF-M Multi-function Coater

Multi-function Coater Description:

LTF-M multi-function coater is made by introducing foreign exquisite coater technology and combining our own years of experience in producing coaters. This machine uses two coating functions: comma scraper and reticular coating. The comma scraper coating is for adhesive tape, adhesive tape, electrical protective film, etc., and the reticular coating is for silicone oil and PE protective film. It is widely applicable to the production of adhesive tape, adhesive tape, electrical protective film, PE protective film, release paper Release film and other coating products.

Aluminum Foil Coating Machine Equipment

Multi-function Coater Equipment Features:

1. LTF-M multi-function coater is controlled by 5 frequency conversion motors. The tension of the whole machine (unwinding, coating, traction and winding) is automatically controlled by Mitsubishi PLC system. The reliability of the tension of the whole machine is improved through the man-machine interface touch screen control and display.

2. The feeding rack is in the form of electric overturning double station, which adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.

3. Comma scraper coating method, the comma scraper roller clutch adjustment adopts pneumatic swing arm type, the swing arm is equipped with a micro adjustment device to control, and the glue thickness is controlled by a feeler gauge.

4. Anilox coating method: the coating scraper shaft adopts heavy double axis mechanical independent swimming, the scraper adjustment mode is manual with pneumatic, and the angle can be adjusted at will. The coating amount depends on the mesh line of the anilox roll. Different coating amount can be replaced with different mesh lines of the anilox roll.

5. The oven is 22 meters long, and the first 20 meters are divided into 8 sections for independent temperature control. The heating is conducted by circulating heat transfer oil. The hot air enters the drying system, and the adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device. The air inlet and exhaust are strong, and the drying is complete. A UV drying system is reserved for the last 2 meters.

6. The guide wheel in the oven is actively synchronized with the host machine, and the transmission is synchronous pulley driven, which can reduce the material stretching and deformation. The open top air cylinder oven and the membrane piercing operation platform make it easy for operators to work.

Multi-function Coater Equipment Technical Parameters:

Coated substrates Roll materials such as plastic film and paper
Max.Mechanical speed 200m/min
Web material width 850,1050,1250,1450,1650mm
Max.Unwind & rewind Dia. Ф800,Ф1000mm
Coating method Annix roller, dimple, comma scraper (optional)
Drying method Electric heating, steam heating, heat transfer oil heating or gas heating

Multi-function Coater Equipment Application:

Composite Film Printing Press

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Composite Film Printing Press

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