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LYA 300P Series Rotogravure Printing Machine

LYA 300P Series Rotogravure Printing Machine Description:

UNWIND AND REWIND: LYA 300P series rotogravure printing machine adopts cantilever turret disk-type whirling stand with double arm & double station, web material rolled with air shaft with safety chuck. Automatic web roll exchange with horizontal cutting device in obverse or reverse direction.With press roll device. Ultrasonic detection system of coil diameter.

PRINTING: High precision and no backlash servo driver.Shaft-less pneumatic cone .Horizontal &vertical register system, also with preregister and vertical pressing mechanism. Ink is passed by ink transfer roller.Reduce the loss of waste and improve precision. Doctor blade plays with double-axis, drove by independent motor, quick-changing. Adjustable closed blade in three sections. Loading and ink supplying trolley.

Rotogravure Printing Machine

DRYER: Intelligent separately &high efficiency oven system, Low consumption oven with high air volume and pressure, multi-return and whirlwind distributed.Touch screen control and surveillance system. The perfect security system helps watching working condition and estimate rotogravure printing machine error.Dry ovens are whole insulation design,and can effectively reduce heating energy loss.

CONTROLRotogravure printing equipment is logically controlled, servo motor tension control system. All guide rolls are oiled together, to keep rolls flexibility at high speed.


LYA 300P Series Rotogravure Printing Equipment Details:

Rotogravure Printing Machine


LYA 300P Series Rotogravure Printing Equipment Application:

Rotogravure Printing Machine

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